Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 here we come

Dear reader
First of all may I wish you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2016 and I hope that you had a great Christmas break.
I am going cycling in Cuba for two weeks in mid-February so am more inclined to cycle than walk at present – shame on me! Also cycling doesn’t hurt me whereas walking does – oh dear, doesn’t bode well…
So, back to my dismal effort in 2015. There was a big upside to this, as I mentioned last time, and that was that I was able to spend the afternoon with my brother-in-law, Murray, - yes I have outed him now - in Peel (taking photos and uploading them) and then following the leaders round. I had thought that the first part of the course was the tough part because of the Sloc but as we drove round, there seemed to be many other hills…
We stopped in a few places to watch Richard Gerrard and Michael George zoom past us. The speed that they were travelling at was incredible, matching my running speed (in the days when I could run!) for almost 15 hours non-stop. The hill up from Maughold seemed very steep yet they flew past and a few hours later, we had the privilege to watch Richard saunter over the finish line in 14:40:08 as though he’d just been for a cup of tea and cake! Amazing to watch and I was actually quite emotional. I then went to bed while Murray stayed up all night, and returned at 7am to watch the last walkers finish. I tipped my metaphorical hat to them.
If I ever get this far round, it will be me limping in agony and seizing up at the end. It left me marvelling at the determination shown and wondering whether it might be possible to actually finish one year IF I can match their commitment. I can but dream.
Signing off for 2015 - Blein Vie Noa

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  1. Come on Alan! Give us a cycling blog 😉! Just strictly walking can be repetitive, so is the biking getting you fit?
    How many Ks per week?