Friday, 27 November 2015

Almost time to register...

Dear reader

The nights are dark and cold so that means it's almost time to get online and register for next year's Parish Walk - exciting!

I was actually oscillating about entering next year as I have a hamstring / glute / lower back issue and then I was asked to blog - what an honour - and here I am.

Allow me to introduce myself please. My name's Alan Gosschalk, I'm 50 years old, live in North London and am married into a Manx family. I have two brothers-in-law who have both won the Parish Walk - can you guess who they are? - as well as one who hasn't!

I am not just saying this to endear myself to you but I love the Isle of Man, and I LOVE the Parish Walk. It's such a great community event and I am genuinely in awe of the superb athletes who complete it. Next time I will get onto my PW history and my planned training schedule but for now fastyr mie and don't forget to register on Tuesday.